I am no authority on Success Mantras , so this blog is not a shortcut recipe for a successful life :-). What i wanted to write today is what i have learnt from my experience of the past years from School, College and thereafter the Industry. What are pre-requisites if you want to be achieve your full potential (on the road to a successful life)in life. Lets not discuss what success means to each one of , i believe that everyone has an understanding of what success means to them and i think my thoughts are very generic to accommodate to any definition of success. So coming straight to the point.


#1. Good Health: I think this is the real number 1 pre req. Many a times we take our health for granted and when suddenly we fall sick (like my back problem of last year) we start realizing how important it is to take care of the gift of good health. In an earlier post last year i had written much about this. Actually I feel much better and alive throughout the day at office after i started my daily Gym Routine.

#2. Determination : Whatever is your definition of success and whatever you want to achieve, determination to see yourself through is more than a pre requisite. You must not fall down defeated, there will be tests and there will be failures. Opportunities will come in the form of adversity, you must just have the right determination that you have to do it. Trust me this is easier said than done.

#3. Good support system at home : This point is a little debatable and may not really mean the same to all of us.  But for the average family centered human being it is important to have the right Eco system at home where there is trust, love and understanding which really propels your determination to succeed.  It is also important to balance the time and attention towards the family to be able to live a life which is also more meaningful at the end of the day.

After reading these points some of you might ask , “What about Luck ? “. Well i feel that to have 1, 2 and 3 on your side is the real luck. Everything else you can achieve. Do you have other views from your experience ?


Yes we can

Barack Obama is the new president elect of the USA. I heard snippets of his Chicago victory speech and (the lover of good speeches that i am ) I think it was a very firm and confident Obama delivering the message of change and inspiring a vision of a new America on which the world so much today depends for a stable economic order.

Barack Obama- President elect of the USA

Barack Obama- President elect of the USA

Being a citizen of the worlds largest democracy and observing the election results of the worlds oldest democracy I realized some unusual differences between the two.

1. Most Americans have a strong emotional connection with their president elect. I wonder how many of us here think the same way about our Prime Minister or President. The closest to this feeling was when i read or heard Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam when he was our President. He was different.

2. The post victory speech of Obama has a positive message for all be it his republican competitor, be it his heroes of the gone days, be it an ordinary 106 year old voter, be it the people who voted for McCain, be it the other Nations of the world or be it the environment. Being positive and thinking simple good things indicates his affirmative plan of action. I wish him very well.

3. The grace with which the loser surrendered was also remarkable for a man of McCains stature , he only grew larger in everyone’s eyes by acknowledging his defeat with the same mark of respect. I have still to see this elegance in the political class of my country. Honestly we are not anywhere near.

4. Finally the whole idea of a junior Senator running an intense and hard campaign to become the youngest President of the worlds most powerful country not withstanding his race or color not shrouded by political game play makes a really prolific and inspiring journey. To say the least i am amazed. Think about such possibilities here ?

This election has been a watershed in more ways than one not only for America but for the whole world order.  It reflects the massive change in mindset of the average American who has voted this little known black Senator from Illinois into becoming the 44th President of the United States of America. From the other side of the world we sincerely hope that he delivers what he promised.

The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even in one term. But, America, I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you: We as a people will get there. – Barack Obama

So dear fiends, where have i been , why am i not blogging all these have been asked and to tell you i was just around but a little more than normally busy. In the meantime a lot of things happened around. There is heightened terrorism activity and some blasts shook our own garden city, the financial world is dreading the reality of a meltdown which looks more menacing everyday, the stock markets are reacting painfully to this reality, i realized that money can also evaporate like camphor, India has sent a mission to the moon, Raj Thakeray(RT) is spitting fire against immigrants and challenging the social fabric of our country …. Some of the main happenings.

Lets not talk about the economic meltdown , its a cycle which will come and go. Those who are using this as an excuse to resurrect Marx and communist philosophies will not make much out of this exercise.

Lets talk about something that i read today in the papers. Some activists stormed into a FM radio station here and ransacked the place because they were broadcasting Hindi songs on Kannada Rajyotsava Day. This is no better than what is happening in Maharashtra under the able guidance of RT. Regional chauvinism is the new style among us all. Why are we Indians working to divide our communities ? Why don’t we act in accordance with our rich heritage of peaceful co-existence that has been sighted as exemplary through centuries ? It pains to hear that people are intolerable of other citizens from our own country. What do we want to prove : that we are intolerable narrow minded blokes ? Let us not indulge in this dangerous trend, let us not find ways and means to split our democracy, let us unite and remain as peace loving Indians – that is what strengthens our democracy and makes us stand out proud with honor.

Permanent good can never be the outcome of untruth and violence.
–Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Readers and Friends,

Thanks for all your queries , I am alive and kicking 🙂 . I’ll be back in 2 days time with something new to share with all of you , Wish you a very Happy Deepawali and lots of light in your life.


Friday was my last official working day with my current team.  For me it has been a wonderful journey for the last one year with a set of highly talented, smart and sincere young guys and girls who have given their very best to me and to the project. Ours was a ship that weathered the rough tides in the same elan as we breezed through calm waters. Infact it was one team where i witnessed one of the most successful results of synchronous teamwork. I realized that individual brilliance is nothing when compared to collective excellence. On every call of duty each one of them rallied around me and i don’t remember a discussion where i was let down by my team. My team is considered one of the best in the group and our success inspires others around, successful teamwork is really infectious. Today time has come to part ways at least for the time being. We partied last night and they filled my arms with gifts and memoirs. To say the least, I was overwhelmed. I would love to work with this team once again. In the dynamic world of NSN this is not quite impossible.

My farewell card and team photo memoir :

I wish each one of my team members an exciting career marked with many success stories. Satyam, Bernard, Pramod, Rishi, Rashmi, Kishore, Shrini,Gayatri,Manoj,Sathish,Alex,Nancy,Sachin,Sharat, Swaroop, Deepak,Gourav,Praveena,Santhi,Raghu and Piyush – Thanks for all your support and may you all do well. This is one association I would love to cherish for the rest of my life.

Finally lyrics from Westlife that i just love :

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
But the hills that we climbed
were just seasons out of time.


The latest controversy to hit the cricketing world is the unnecessary and utterly incongruous slapping incident involving Harbhajan Singh and S Sreesanth that has come to be infamously known as ‘Slapgate’. Bhajji earned himself a loss close to Rs. 3cr in match fees and an IPL ban of 10 outings. Sree came out with a warning. BCCI has appointed a lawyer to do its own investigations on ‘slapgate’ and the papers tell that the duo were involved in more scuffles after the first slap. Shameful and shocking as the incident was it raises many questions which ridicule the so called “spirit of the game”.

My own 2 cents on the issue are that it is desirable to have an aggressive outlook on the field to show that you are not meek and not bogged down by the power of the opposition. But this does not give you a license to abuse or physically handle your opponents. To say the least, this is shameful and unbecoming of our culture. I know Sreesanth is no saint, and the point holds as good for him as well. Both players involved are playing members of our national team and have a big responsibility to show mature conduct on the field matching international standards. You must remain aggressive but within your limits. There is big money on stake in the IPL but again the game has to be played between gentlemen and not between pirates or goons.

But as Ingersoll once remarked, “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”

The other day I was watching a BBC newscast where I heard that people in Cuba could now buy personal computers. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. Were they never buying computers before ? I remember my first computer was an imported 386DX almost 15 years ago. The world has come thus far and now we hear Cubans are going to buy their first computers ! Reforms will now slowly make way into the communist protected Cuban economy. Cubans are heaving a sigh of relief. Castro will no more impose his communist dictatorship over them but everyone knows that Raul is not going to be much better. But i take this chance to sit back and wonder on how fortunate we are here in our country. We are free to buy almost anything(provided you have the money), free to visit places(one Cuban citizen says”Even if we had the money, the government wouldn’t let us leave the country” ), free to choose a profession we like, free to work anywhere, free to educate our kids as we want, free to do any business ( as long as its legal) and free to enjoy the gift of life.

Dear readers, lets wish that things improve in Cuba and other places in the globe where people are struggling to get what we here take almost for granted.