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Parting shots…My Team and I.

Friday was my last official working day with my current team.  For me it has been a wonderful journey for the last one year with a set of highly talented, smart and sincere young guys and girls who have given their very best to me and to the project. Ours was a ship that weathered the rough tides in the same elan as we breezed through calm waters. Infact it was one team where i witnessed one of the most successful results of synchronous teamwork. I realized that individual brilliance is nothing when compared to collective excellence. On every call of duty each one of them rallied around me and i don’t remember a discussion where i was let down by my team. My team is considered one of the best in the group and our success inspires others around, successful teamwork is really infectious. Today time has come to part ways at least for the time being. We partied last night and they filled my arms with gifts and memoirs. To say the least, I was overwhelmed. I would love to work with this team once again. In the dynamic world of NSN this is not quite impossible.

My farewell card and team photo memoir :

I wish each one of my team members an exciting career marked with many success stories. Satyam, Bernard, Pramod, Rishi, Rashmi, Kishore, Shrini,Gayatri,Manoj,Sathish,Alex,Nancy,Sachin,Sharat, Swaroop, Deepak,Gourav,Praveena,Santhi,Raghu and Piyush – Thanks for all your support and may you all do well. This is one association I would love to cherish for the rest of my life.

Finally lyrics from Westlife that i just love :

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
But the hills that we climbed
were just seasons out of time.

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Happy Birthday Sunshine Days

Sunshine Days celebrates its first birthday today. Exactly 1 year ago I decided to write this journal to keep track of thoughts and to build myself a small address in Cyber World. A lot of important things happened in the year gone by. I made some resolutions that I kept and some that I don’t even remember now. More importantly I had decided to take good care of my body, so I joined a Gym and this has now become a habit. I am not working for 6 packs but I like to see some muscle on the biceps when I look at the mirror. So far, so good.


In 2007, we moved to our new home, I got a promotion at work, my son started going to school, I re-met some old friends and again lost them, realized for the first time that I am getting older, got a wonderful team at work, decided not to go to ISB for the one year MBA course ( and forfeited Rs. 150,000/- in caution deposit), Got a back injury and went for treatment and so on and so forth. All in All an eventful year!

How will be 2008? I don’t know but I am ready for it, I am more knowledgeable than last year and I am ready to face it – Good or “Not so Good”.

Do I repent the “Not So Good” things of 2007? Yes I do, but I no longer brood over it, They only taught me how to handle my health, how to take reasonable decision and how to handle some people who think they have the license to hurt all.


For now, in good spirits – Happy Birthday!!! My dear blog ,I love you.

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Do I earn enough ?

A question occurred to me last night : Do I earn enough ? Last month i analyzed my major expenses to really understand what i do with my money. I had to do this because every month after 20th my account balance ventured into dangerous territory where my banker would take pride in offering me the privilege of using my overdraft facility in case I needed money. Anyway coming back to the point, from the survey i found out the following :

30% of my income goes in loan repayments, 20% in household expenses, 10% in fuel and other expenses, 10% in education, entertainment etc, 10% in insurance and other payment etc,

So then do i earn enough ? After a lot of deliberation it was easy to decide – i do !

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To Munich and Back

I have not been too regular with my blog journal here( i don’t really call it a journal though). Prior to last week i had been to Germany for a week long workshop with our partners in Munich. I was on international travel after nearly 2½ years. My last trip was one full of fun and action that i had enjoyed much with Deepak, Ashwin, Hanuman, Dinesh and Sudhir (all colleagues at Nokia Siemens Networks). This time though I was traveling with my Boss and another colleague. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Munich south and the hospitality was excellent. But this is again not the topic I will write here – This blog is about people, people that i saw at the airports, in the flight, and across our journey.



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India played one of the most energizing cricket finals last Sunday when they rallied against all odds and romped home with a thumping victory over arch rivals Pakistan that every Indian will cherish for a very long time to come. Truly amazing and resounding a win that it was. I do not remember another cricket win in the last several years where we did so well and went on to actually win against all the quality teams in international cricket – England, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan !!!. As soon as the last Paki wicket of MisssssssssssBa fell there were roaring and wild celebrations in the entire apartment complex where i live. Fireworks, Processions, Songs, cheerful applause’s – Truly Amazing . There were small children, older people, senior citizens everyone ! This is the only time i have seen that we forget petty divisions like caste, religion and regionalism and unite in happiness just to cheer Mother India and its brave warriors who started as underdogs and finished as top dogs!


This post is dedicated to the team which won us the Twenty20 World Cup and revived my long lost love for the game that i like so much.

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Has life been good to you?

A friend asked me, “Why do you call you blog ‘Sunshine Days’, ? has life been always good to you ? and what do you mean by the magic of life ?” . To answer him i just said that I called my blog so because I liked to call it that way – that’s it ! But in reality there is more to it than that.

I have had my share of crests and troughs in life.

As a Child: There were times when i thought my mother loved my younger sister more than me(of course that was a little boys imagination), There were days when i cried to see my father struggling hard with two jobs simultaneously to ensure that he could send me to one of the best schools, Then there were times when i used to be scared of the fast moving cosmopolitan city around me and i felt out of place and out of pace, Throughout my school years i was fascinated by English Literature and History but my teachers, principal and dad wanted me to do good in Mathematics which i could never understand(eventually i flunked in my mathematics tests a couple of times – i had a tough time at home with my father on this account).

As a Teenager: I could never go after some dreams, I could never go to IIT,…(& other things..)

As an Adult: I had a terrible accident where I nearly shook hands with death, I had tough relationships back home, Intense and sometimes unhealthy competition at work and so on..

But I have always felt that God has given me the strength to endure every tough tiding and emerge stronger from that. I have a wife that loves me, a son who fills my life with happiness, a few friends that make all the difference to life, a home that i can call my own, A team at work that i love to be with and so may more things which are countless blessings from the Almighty. This is the magic of life – It worries you sometimes and fills you with happiness at other times. It gives you so many opportunities and sometimes ruins your chances as well, It gives you sunshine and sometimes darkness – through my blog i keep the sunshine flowing inside of me !

Cheers and Enjoy your todays ::: Make all your days Sunshine Days !!

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Our neighborhood multiplex hosted us yesterday where we watched Rajinikanth’s latest Tamil movie “Sivaji” which is doing big business everywhere. We paid twice the normal price for a ticket and that made me remember my college days when I paid anything just to ensure that I am watching the first show on the first day of every Mohanlal movie. Coming back to Sivaji I don’t intend to write any review here – you’ll find enough of that in the Internet. The whole experience of being in a theater full of Rajini fans howling, clapping, roaring and jumping on every “BOSS” or “COOL” dialog of Rajini itself is a different experience. Let away the fact that his movies defy common logic or Newtons laws of Gravitation, he just succeeds on enormous screen presence. Sivaji is a movie he single handedly steers from start to end. You will find nothing but Rajini all through(that’s what every fan of his dreams).


Rajini is really intelligent because he knows who are his target audience and plays just to their tune. I believe that there is a simple psychology behind the success of his films – He just becomes what every common man hopes to see from a people’s leader, he gives them good value for their money and rest assured they enjoy the 3 hours spent in the movie hall. Sivaji is not different either. From the response so far, looks like this movie will keep the cash registers ringing for a long time to come. The following quote by Churchill fits Rajini’s courage to continue in spite of age showing on his face – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Keep going on Rajini – You Rock !!!

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Dear Reader,

Your truly attended a 2 day course on “Negotiation Skills”. I must tell you folks that I approached the training with some suspicion of what good it would bring, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had completed the most fascinating training experience in the last 5 years.


The trainer Mr. M Gopakumar in particular had a wealth of knowledge to share with us and more interestingly he had just the right proportion of role plays, team games, exercises and presentations etc. I mean overall I can safely say that I am definitely going to make a sincere attempt at negotiating better with the goal at clinching Win- Win deals. To tell you the truth I already tried it once and the result was just spectacular. I am now planning to read the book “Getting Past No“.

All of us negotiate at different times with different people be it family members, team mates at work, bosses, sellers etc. Who ever be on the other side of the table Negotiation has some basic principles and these are simple commonsense things which we overlook. It was interesting to know that in every negotiation a huge 83% of the time is spent in doing “home work”, 10% of the time is the face to face talk and 7% is spent post the deal is struck.

I recommend each and every one of you who is serious about improving your relationship with the people around you to undergo this training. It is an eye-opener and a wonderful starting point in your journey towards being a Win – Win negotiator.

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In the papers, I saw a news item carried with much importance in the last few days. There is a new condom in the market and apart from doing its regular duties it is also supposed to vibrate – I mean it protects with pleasure. So whats the big deal ? Not for me but a so far unknown minister of the Madhya Pradesh Government took exception to the fact that the condom was being marketed for pleasure(as a sex toy as per his understanding) rather than for preventing AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Our guy defines the duties of a condom.

a. It should offer protection from AIDS ….

b. It should be used to supplement our population control measures. Full Stop.

If anyone markets the apparatus for something other than (a) and (b) above then it is a gross violation of the traditions of Indian Culture and will be dealt with severely. Our minister was more angry because the whole story is about Crezendo, a condom with a vibrating ring marketed by the Government’s own Hindustan Latex Limited, India’s premier condom producer trying desperately to revive its fortunes in the face of intense competition from private sector players. The minister is from the BJP but in this case he has the full support of the Congress and the Left. Together the trio form the saviors of India’s rich cultural heritage and its holy traditions.

Dear politician and caretaker of the Indian morality please give me a break.

When will our politicians stop making controversies out of such non-issues. Pity. I remember the following line of Charlie Chaplin I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.

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I am WiFi enabled

After a long break I am back to blog town. Don’t ask me where I have been all these days, I just existed somewhere here or there, really doing nothing. I feel guilty that I left my blog home vacant for so long.

Today I made my home a wifi zone with my new Cisco Linksys WiFi Router (WRT54G) . Wow I just love it. I came to know from friends and colleagues that it is a very complicated job to configure a WiFi router but thanks to numerous documentation guides and blog sites I found out the easiest way to make this whole thing work. I list down the steps here for those of you who would like to do the same at home(for those of you who already have an ADSL Modem)

Networking Hardware :

1. Dareglobal DB108 ADSL Modem ( I purchased this from BSNL , when I took my first BB connection)
2. Cisco Linksys Wireless BB Router WRT54G.(Cost INR 2,700/-)
3. Fujitsu Laptop FS7110.
4. My Home PC(Intel Pentium 3Ghz (HT) Hyper threaded )


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