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Spanish classes are fun

As regular readers would know yours truly is making a valiant effort to learn a new language. The language being Spanish doesn’t make things easy either. But in the Spanish classes I understood one thing. Even difficult things can be a lot of fun. for example in our Spanish class since all of us are novice learners and not even equipped with beginner level grammar some of us make very funny sentences. Our instructor is brilliantly gifted to make the class dynamic and light so I think it is my responsibility to share some truly light moment’s with all of you. here are some of our constructions:


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Spanish Kick Off…

We began with the Spanish alphabets today. I learnt that there are 29 alphabets in Spanish and that the sounds of most of the alphabets are no what they are like in English. Our teacher is very sensitive about the pronunciation and the phonetics of the Spanish letters. You either pronounce it correct or you don’t, there is nothing in between. From the first feeling I will not have an easy time in the initial phases at-least. I have to work hard even if I have to read small words, but that is the small challenge that will make the entire experience thrilling.

My dictionary – My companion during the course and afterwards


PS: Most of the crowd coming to the class is Hep (to say the least).

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Learning Español…

spanish.gifSo what’s new in life and what’s interesting. A little birdie just told me that the time is now with the New Year to implement one of my NY resolution – I will learn a new language this year. So off I am to Centro Latino, to learn Spanish. I went for the first session last weekend and yo i think the instructor is good. Mimi (our instructor’s name) hates the Internet and Internet based translators. (she knows the horrible translation sometimes produced by freetranslate . Anyway, my expectation from the course is simple, i want to be able to read simple passages by this April. Let’s see how much I succeed. for now


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