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My first blog entry of this year has to be one filled with positive expectations and sweet memories.  While i was recollecting those moments of the good life i thought why not list them here . So without much prose here is the bulleted list leading to the best moment in my life…


  • Lying in bed on Saturday morning and the sun sneaking in through the window
  • Opening a surprise gift
  • Getting postal mail
  • Waking up from a bad dream and realizing it was only a dream
  • Reaching home just seconds before the rain starts, then enjoy the rain with a cup of hot tea
  • Listening through a friend in bad times
  • Cruising along a road flanked by green paddy fields and trees
  • Meeting and spending time with friends
  • Seeing my young son run through the house making funny sounds
  • Falling in love

Whats your list ?

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