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The latest controversy to hit the cricketing world is the unnecessary and utterly incongruous slapping incident involving Harbhajan Singh and S Sreesanth that has come to be infamously known as ‘Slapgate’. Bhajji earned himself a loss close to Rs. 3cr in match fees and an IPL ban of 10 outings. Sree came out with a warning. BCCI has appointed a lawyer to do its own investigations on ‘slapgate’ and the papers tell that the duo were involved in more scuffles after the first slap. Shameful and shocking as the incident was it raises many questions which ridicule the so called “spirit of the game”.

My own 2 cents on the issue are that it is desirable to have an aggressive outlook on the field to show that you are not meek and not bogged down by the power of the opposition. But this does not give you a license to abuse or physically handle your opponents. To say the least, this is shameful and unbecoming of our culture. I know Sreesanth is no saint, and the point holds as good for him as well. Both players involved are playing members of our national team and have a big responsibility to show mature conduct on the field matching international standards. You must remain aggressive but within your limits. There is big money on stake in the IPL but again the game has to be played between gentlemen and not between pirates or goons.

But as Ingersoll once remarked, “It is a thousand times better to have common sense without education than to have education without common sense.”

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