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Nano : The 1 Lakh car


How can I not mention the new buzz word in the auto industry – The Nano by Tata. Truly an invention that will unseat some auto majors worldwide and give hope to a lot of my countrymen to own and drive a car of their own. They call it the people’s car and I think it will trigger a low cost car revolution in the industry. The praise ends here, in this entry I want to look at what will happen to the already choked infrastructure of Bangalore once the Nano sets feet here. I don’t wish to criticize anyone; I am only imagining what the future has in store. The infrastructure in the city is far from adequate and the city cries under the weight of its own progress. Development is haphazard and really unordered. Roads, Flyovers, Public transport systems, Public health systems, Educational facilities all are stressed to the last possible end.

If the Nano invades the roads here it will be similar to killing something which is already breathing its last. I dread to imagine how the roads will looks like. Personally I would love to use a public transport system like a Metro Rail that is starting to be developed but is hugely inadequate because it will cater to a very small surface area and is progressing at snail’s velocity which will ensure that the average citizens problems will remain unsolved for a long time to come.

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Happy Birthday Sunshine Days

Sunshine Days celebrates its first birthday today. Exactly 1 year ago I decided to write this journal to keep track of thoughts and to build myself a small address in Cyber World. A lot of important things happened in the year gone by. I made some resolutions that I kept and some that I don’t even remember now. More importantly I had decided to take good care of my body, so I joined a Gym and this has now become a habit. I am not working for 6 packs but I like to see some muscle on the biceps when I look at the mirror. So far, so good.


In 2007, we moved to our new home, I got a promotion at work, my son started going to school, I re-met some old friends and again lost them, realized for the first time that I am getting older, got a wonderful team at work, decided not to go to ISB for the one year MBA course ( and forfeited Rs. 150,000/- in caution deposit), Got a back injury and went for treatment and so on and so forth. All in All an eventful year!

How will be 2008? I don’t know but I am ready for it, I am more knowledgeable than last year and I am ready to face it – Good or “Not so Good”.

Do I repent the “Not So Good” things of 2007? Yes I do, but I no longer brood over it, They only taught me how to handle my health, how to take reasonable decision and how to handle some people who think they have the license to hurt all.


For now, in good spirits – Happy Birthday!!! My dear blog ,I love you.

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Hotseat and Rapidfire !


In Office we play a game every Wednesday in my team. We put one team mate on the “Hot Seat” and then everyone gets a chance to ask one or more questions , professional or a little bit personal to the one on the hot seat. Overall, we had great fun in the three rounds that we did. The second round was really filled with explosive laughter. I have great fun with my team and the best thing is that we have great connections that enable us to collaborate and communicate without boundaries. This week I am on the Hot Seat, I already can guess there will be some really “critical” queries that my team members will pose : But I am looking forward to the fun !

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