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Not all people that you interact with or you have to deal with are examples of trust, kindness and humbleness. Even though in general people are indeed good , there are occasions , sometimes more than a few, when a handful of these people do hurt you. There is nothing new in what i said here. But the important things is what you do when someone does hurt you ?


Everyone has his/her personal way of dealing with hurt. I have observed these “personal” ways in many people and here are a few:

a) Inflict harm to yourself and pain yourself
b) Feel sad and use this change in mood to inflict scorn on those near you who have nothing to do with all this.
c) Contract and withdraw yourself into a shell and become extremely closed
d) Cry
e) Ignore the hurt and carry on with life as usual
f) Team up with a close friend and discuss the issue
g) Make plans on how to avenge your hurt ….. This list can go on an on but these are by far the most frequent reactions i could observe

The toughest reaction for me so far has been (e) but i know people who do that and these are pretty strong individuals. I sometimes do (b) and (f) at other times.

What do you do ?

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