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All Cool Boys….Om Shanti Om :-)

You guessed it right from the title, I saw OSO, and came back smiling all the way from the theater – made up most of the money I spent on the ticket and had a good time. This is the first time since 1993 that i am going for the First Day show. I would strongly recommend the movie to anyone who wants to have a good 3 hours of enjoyment and a decent laugh all the way through the show. I do not wish to write any reviews(you will be flooded with reviews in the Net) here but will just put the top 5 reasons why i loved the movie.


1. The movie runs seamlessly on the backdrop of real Bollywood life both in the 70’s and now and i liked the simple and transparent depiction.
2. The outbursts of spontaneous comedy throughout the movie and more so in the laughter packed first half is really enjoyable.
3. The performances of SRK, Deepika(superb debut) and Arjun Rampal are much above average – SRK is fantastic !!! I just loved him.
4. The director has used a lot of common sense, to keep the plot well connected even though there is really no logic in the story(but you didn’t spend the money on the tickets to learn some more logic ? did you ? not me)
5. The film on the whole is sheer enjoyment – I like to de-stress when i see a movie and this one did relax me. The multi-starrer “On Shanti Om” song is a must watch.
All I can say about life is, Oh God, enjoy it! – Bob Newhart (and i don’t disagree)

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Do I earn enough ?

A question occurred to me last night : Do I earn enough ? Last month i analyzed my major expenses to really understand what i do with my money. I had to do this because every month after 20th my account balance ventured into dangerous territory where my banker would take pride in offering me the privilege of using my overdraft facility in case I needed money. Anyway coming back to the point, from the survey i found out the following :

30% of my income goes in loan repayments, 20% in household expenses, 10% in fuel and other expenses, 10% in education, entertainment etc, 10% in insurance and other payment etc,

So then do i earn enough ? After a lot of deliberation it was easy to decide – i do !

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To Munich and Back

I have not been too regular with my blog journal here( i don’t really call it a journal though). Prior to last week i had been to Germany for a week long workshop with our partners in Munich. I was on international travel after nearly 2½ years. My last trip was one full of fun and action that i had enjoyed much with Deepak, Ashwin, Hanuman, Dinesh and Sudhir (all colleagues at Nokia Siemens Networks). This time though I was traveling with my Boss and another colleague. We stayed at the Holiday Inn in Munich south and the hospitality was excellent. But this is again not the topic I will write here – This blog is about people, people that i saw at the airports, in the flight, and across our journey.



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