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India played one of the most energizing cricket finals last Sunday when they rallied against all odds and romped home with a thumping victory over arch rivals Pakistan that every Indian will cherish for a very long time to come. Truly amazing and resounding a win that it was. I do not remember another cricket win in the last several years where we did so well and went on to actually win against all the quality teams in international cricket – England, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan !!!. As soon as the last Paki wicket of MisssssssssssBa fell there were roaring and wild celebrations in the entire apartment complex where i live. Fireworks, Processions, Songs, cheerful applause’s – Truly Amazing . There were small children, older people, senior citizens everyone ! This is the only time i have seen that we forget petty divisions like caste, religion and regionalism and unite in happiness just to cheer Mother India and its brave warriors who started as underdogs and finished as top dogs!


This post is dedicated to the team which won us the Twenty20 World Cup and revived my long lost love for the game that i like so much.

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