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Has life been good to you?

A friend asked me, “Why do you call you blog ‘Sunshine Days’, ? has life been always good to you ? and what do you mean by the magic of life ?” . To answer him i just said that I called my blog so because I liked to call it that way – that’s it ! But in reality there is more to it than that.

I have had my share of crests and troughs in life.

As a Child: There were times when i thought my mother loved my younger sister more than me(of course that was a little boys imagination), There were days when i cried to see my father struggling hard with two jobs simultaneously to ensure that he could send me to one of the best schools, Then there were times when i used to be scared of the fast moving cosmopolitan city around me and i felt out of place and out of pace, Throughout my school years i was fascinated by English Literature and History but my teachers, principal and dad wanted me to do good in Mathematics which i could never understand(eventually i flunked in my mathematics tests a couple of times – i had a tough time at home with my father on this account).

As a Teenager: I could never go after some dreams, I could never go to IIT,…(& other things..)

As an Adult: I had a terrible accident where I nearly shook hands with death, I had tough relationships back home, Intense and sometimes unhealthy competition at work and so on..

But I have always felt that God has given me the strength to endure every tough tiding and emerge stronger from that. I have a wife that loves me, a son who fills my life with happiness, a few friends that make all the difference to life, a home that i can call my own, A team at work that i love to be with and so may more things which are countless blessings from the Almighty. This is the magic of life – It worries you sometimes and fills you with happiness at other times. It gives you so many opportunities and sometimes ruins your chances as well, It gives you sunshine and sometimes darkness – through my blog i keep the sunshine flowing inside of me !

Cheers and Enjoy your todays ::: Make all your days Sunshine Days !!

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