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What motivates you ?

I have been using all my past few weekends to do stuff needed for our new home hence i have struggled to nourish my blog, but my very dear blog, i have not forgotten you, i always had you in my mind and always wished i could come back to you and speak to you and to the whole world through you. It does not matter if someone reads my thoughts or not but i know you will understand my need to speak with you. So what have i planned to tell you today ?

Something very important for me today is the topic of Motivation. I am no guru on motivation but in my experiences as a son, student, friend, brother, husband, father and co-worker gave me so many opportunities to understand the reality of motivation.

First and foremost, I have to say that the truth is that for every role played by a person the factor for motivation is different. Further more, every individual i have interacted has a different way to get motivated. But stop ! why should you be motivated at all ? My definition: You need motivation to do drive enthusiastically towards your goals and accomplish your dreams with a feeling of great elan ! In my experience i have seen the following motivational factors affecting people (top factors as i understood in that order).

Co-Workers & Subordinates : Recognition, Money, Leaders, Responsibility

My wife: Love & Recognition

My son: Love & Gifts

My parents : I have not understood so far, I am trying to find that out now as a father myself.

There are several scientific theories that explain motivation and motivational techniques, but what is most important is to know exactly what is the technique which works for the person in question. If you have understood that , your task is half done. (of course the next half is to act on it).

More Motivation than you will ever need !

Rudy Garcia ::: More Motivation than you will ever need.

In the recent hit of the year Chak De India, you can see two basic forms of motivation at work. Extrinsic motivation where Shahrukh creates the atmosphere in which every player must win for India and(for him to regain his lost pride) not for their respective states and Intrinsic motivation where the girls play but are self motivated, some to prove a point to their families, boyfriend etc, others to prove that they are better players than other team members.

Acknowledgments :picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourrunning/372638903

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