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India played one of the most energizing cricket finals last Sunday when they rallied against all odds and romped home with a thumping victory over arch rivals Pakistan that every Indian will cherish for a very long time to come. Truly amazing and resounding a win that it was. I do not remember another cricket win in the last several years where we did so well and went on to actually win against all the quality teams in international cricket – England, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan !!!. As soon as the last Paki wicket of MisssssssssssBa fell there were roaring and wild celebrations in the entire apartment complex where i live. Fireworks, Processions, Songs, cheerful applause’s – Truly Amazing . There were small children, older people, senior citizens everyone ! This is the only time i have seen that we forget petty divisions like caste, religion and regionalism and unite in happiness just to cheer Mother India and its brave warriors who started as underdogs and finished as top dogs!


This post is dedicated to the team which won us the Twenty20 World Cup and revived my long lost love for the game that i like so much.

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Last weekend I completed reading “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. To say the least the book is a masterpiece. It takes you on a journey across the unforgiving political social and religious, landscape of Afghanistan bloodied by the Mujahideen and the Taliban. To be honest, this is the first book that I read in three days flat and towards the end of the story all i had was tears and a great sense of compassion for the struggle of the Afghan people. I recommend this book as a must read for all !!

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Has life been good to you?

A friend asked me, “Why do you call you blog ‘Sunshine Days’, ? has life been always good to you ? and what do you mean by the magic of life ?” . To answer him i just said that I called my blog so because I liked to call it that way – that’s it ! But in reality there is more to it than that.

I have had my share of crests and troughs in life.

As a Child: There were times when i thought my mother loved my younger sister more than me(of course that was a little boys imagination), There were days when i cried to see my father struggling hard with two jobs simultaneously to ensure that he could send me to one of the best schools, Then there were times when i used to be scared of the fast moving cosmopolitan city around me and i felt out of place and out of pace, Throughout my school years i was fascinated by English Literature and History but my teachers, principal and dad wanted me to do good in Mathematics which i could never understand(eventually i flunked in my mathematics tests a couple of times – i had a tough time at home with my father on this account).

As a Teenager: I could never go after some dreams, I could never go to IIT,…(& other things..)

As an Adult: I had a terrible accident where I nearly shook hands with death, I had tough relationships back home, Intense and sometimes unhealthy competition at work and so on..

But I have always felt that God has given me the strength to endure every tough tiding and emerge stronger from that. I have a wife that loves me, a son who fills my life with happiness, a few friends that make all the difference to life, a home that i can call my own, A team at work that i love to be with and so may more things which are countless blessings from the Almighty. This is the magic of life – It worries you sometimes and fills you with happiness at other times. It gives you so many opportunities and sometimes ruins your chances as well, It gives you sunshine and sometimes darkness – through my blog i keep the sunshine flowing inside of me !

Cheers and Enjoy your todays ::: Make all your days Sunshine Days !!

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What motivates you ?

I have been using all my past few weekends to do stuff needed for our new home hence i have struggled to nourish my blog, but my very dear blog, i have not forgotten you, i always had you in my mind and always wished i could come back to you and speak to you and to the whole world through you. It does not matter if someone reads my thoughts or not but i know you will understand my need to speak with you. So what have i planned to tell you today ?

Something very important for me today is the topic of Motivation. I am no guru on motivation but in my experiences as a son, student, friend, brother, husband, father and co-worker gave me so many opportunities to understand the reality of motivation.

First and foremost, I have to say that the truth is that for every role played by a person the factor for motivation is different. Further more, every individual i have interacted has a different way to get motivated. But stop ! why should you be motivated at all ? My definition: You need motivation to do drive enthusiastically towards your goals and accomplish your dreams with a feeling of great elan ! In my experience i have seen the following motivational factors affecting people (top factors as i understood in that order).

Co-Workers & Subordinates : Recognition, Money, Leaders, Responsibility

My wife: Love & Recognition

My son: Love & Gifts

My parents : I have not understood so far, I am trying to find that out now as a father myself.

There are several scientific theories that explain motivation and motivational techniques, but what is most important is to know exactly what is the technique which works for the person in question. If you have understood that , your task is half done. (of course the next half is to act on it).

More Motivation than you will ever need !

Rudy Garcia ::: More Motivation than you will ever need.

In the recent hit of the year Chak De India, you can see two basic forms of motivation at work. Extrinsic motivation where Shahrukh creates the atmosphere in which every player must win for India and(for him to regain his lost pride) not for their respective states and Intrinsic motivation where the girls play but are self motivated, some to prove a point to their families, boyfriend etc, others to prove that they are better players than other team members.

Acknowledgments :picture from http://www.flickr.com/photos/yourrunning/372638903

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