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My boss of 3 years retires

July 31st 2007, will be the last working day of Josef Schwagmann in Nokia Siemens Networks. Josef was my boss in the company from 2004 to 2007. Josef is one highly respected person in the organization. I am personally influenced by him in more than one way. As a young engineer when I joined his team, I was not sure how it would be to work with an old German , the age of my father. But he settled all my doubts in no time. I can openly declare that he is the single most energetic person I have seen in my entire career. The youngest soul that I have ever worked with. His enthusiasm propelled me to work harder and instilled in me the feeling of joy when I accomplished my tasks with good success. He amazed me time and gain by redefining his own scope of work and inspiring me to look beyond defined boundaries and closed parameters. Success partied with us at regular intervals and I understood one very important fact that I will strive to achieve – “To always wear a smile on your face in the face of the toughest challenges”.


Easier said than done, but believe me friends this one characteristic will transform your lives. Be it at office or at home. You will take more balanced decisions if you stick to the rule that you wil smile in the face of all adversity. I have decided that I am going to try this as much as possible to see how I can change my world and of those around me.

For Josef , I wish him all the very best for the third phase of his life where he plans to invest his time in research, academics, pottery, traveling etc. For all that you have given to me as invaluable learning – I thank you from the deepest valleys of my heart.

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