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Our neighborhood multiplex hosted us yesterday where we watched Rajinikanth’s latest Tamil movie “Sivaji” which is doing big business everywhere. We paid twice the normal price for a ticket and that made me remember my college days when I paid anything just to ensure that I am watching the first show on the first day of every Mohanlal movie. Coming back to Sivaji I don’t intend to write any review here – you’ll find enough of that in the Internet. The whole experience of being in a theater full of Rajini fans howling, clapping, roaring and jumping on every “BOSS” or “COOL” dialog of Rajini itself is a different experience. Let away the fact that his movies defy common logic or Newtons laws of Gravitation, he just succeeds on enormous screen presence. Sivaji is a movie he single handedly steers from start to end. You will find nothing but Rajini all through(that’s what every fan of his dreams).


Rajini is really intelligent because he knows who are his target audience and plays just to their tune. I believe that there is a simple psychology behind the success of his films – He just becomes what every common man hopes to see from a people’s leader, he gives them good value for their money and rest assured they enjoy the 3 hours spent in the movie hall. Sivaji is not different either. From the response so far, looks like this movie will keep the cash registers ringing for a long time to come. The following quote by Churchill fits Rajini’s courage to continue in spite of age showing on his face – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Keep going on Rajini – You Rock !!!

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