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In the papers, I saw a news item carried with much importance in the last few days. There is a new condom in the market and apart from doing its regular duties it is also supposed to vibrate – I mean it protects with pleasure. So whats the big deal ? Not for me but a so far unknown minister of the Madhya Pradesh Government took exception to the fact that the condom was being marketed for pleasure(as a sex toy as per his understanding) rather than for preventing AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Our guy defines the duties of a condom.

a. It should offer protection from AIDS ….

b. It should be used to supplement our population control measures. Full Stop.

If anyone markets the apparatus for something other than (a) and (b) above then it is a gross violation of the traditions of Indian Culture and will be dealt with severely. Our minister was more angry because the whole story is about Crezendo, a condom with a vibrating ring marketed by the Government’s own Hindustan Latex Limited, India’s premier condom producer trying desperately to revive its fortunes in the face of intense competition from private sector players. The minister is from the BJP but in this case he has the full support of the Congress and the Left. Together the trio form the saviors of India’s rich cultural heritage and its holy traditions.

Dear politician and caretaker of the Indian morality please give me a break.

When will our politicians stop making controversies out of such non-issues. Pity. I remember the following line of Charlie Chaplin I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.

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