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My New Team At Office

Nokia Siemens Networks is going through an important phase – that of formation, strategizing and most importantly effecting change. I too got a new team at office, 10 individuals with whom I will work towards effecting change in our young company. But this is not the subject of my note today. I am going to talk about team formation and what values are important to form a team that starts delivering from Day 1. The most important trait that i found common in all my team members is that they all are distinctly unique individuals each with an own style of reacting, planning, communicating, executing and collaborating. It is this individualism that makes teams effective – for if every one reacted and behaved the same way we would be no better than the talents of one single person.

The next important thing I understood was that everyone just craves for clarity. Sometimes in an organizational set up clarity becomes the most sought after commodity. Economic and market conditions coupled with innovation define the path for technology industry. In these days of formation my team too looks for clarity and I consider this important. It has been my endeavor to bring clarity to their lives.


Next on the list, is motivation. I have seen many people make long lectures on motivation and inspiration. But in reality, I have understood that Motivation means different things to different people. To some, Motivation means being given responsibility, to some others it means being praised and applauded for their contribution, to another few it means monetary rewards and to many others it means a growth path commensurate with their capabilities. The inspiring leader is the one who understands what motivation works for each of his team members and deals with them accordingly.

No one can defy the importance of Communication in a team. Communication must be:
1. Relevant
2. Immediate
3. Clear
4. Precise

With these ideas in mind I wish to make a positive change in the team that we formed so that every individual wins with the team and the company.

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