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I am WiFi enabled

After a long break I am back to blog town. Don’t ask me where I have been all these days, I just existed somewhere here or there, really doing nothing. I feel guilty that I left my blog home vacant for so long.

Today I made my home a wifi zone with my new Cisco Linksys WiFi Router (WRT54G) . Wow I just love it. I came to know from friends and colleagues that it is a very complicated job to configure a WiFi router but thanks to numerous documentation guides and blog sites I found out the easiest way to make this whole thing work. I list down the steps here for those of you who would like to do the same at home(for those of you who already have an ADSL Modem)

Networking Hardware :

1. Dareglobal DB108 ADSL Modem ( I purchased this from BSNL , when I took my first BB connection)
2. Cisco Linksys Wireless BB Router WRT54G.(Cost INR 2,700/-)
3. Fujitsu Laptop FS7110.
4. My Home PC(Intel Pentium 3Ghz (HT) Hyper threaded )


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