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Our neighborhood multiplex hosted us yesterday where we watched Rajinikanth’s latest Tamil movie “Sivaji” which is doing big business everywhere. We paid twice the normal price for a ticket and that made me remember my college days when I paid anything just to ensure that I am watching the first show on the first day of every Mohanlal movie. Coming back to Sivaji I don’t intend to write any review here – you’ll find enough of that in the Internet. The whole experience of being in a theater full of Rajini fans howling, clapping, roaring and jumping on every “BOSS” or “COOL” dialog of Rajini itself is a different experience. Let away the fact that his movies defy common logic or Newtons laws of Gravitation, he just succeeds on enormous screen presence. Sivaji is a movie he single handedly steers from start to end. You will find nothing but Rajini all through(that’s what every fan of his dreams).


Rajini is really intelligent because he knows who are his target audience and plays just to their tune. I believe that there is a simple psychology behind the success of his films – He just becomes what every common man hopes to see from a people’s leader, he gives them good value for their money and rest assured they enjoy the 3 hours spent in the movie hall. Sivaji is not different either. From the response so far, looks like this movie will keep the cash registers ringing for a long time to come. The following quote by Churchill fits Rajini’s courage to continue in spite of age showing on his face – Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. Keep going on Rajini – You Rock !!!

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Dear Reader,

Your truly attended a 2 day course on “Negotiation Skills”. I must tell you folks that I approached the training with some suspicion of what good it would bring, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had completed the most fascinating training experience in the last 5 years.


The trainer Mr. M Gopakumar in particular had a wealth of knowledge to share with us and more interestingly he had just the right proportion of role plays, team games, exercises and presentations etc. I mean overall I can safely say that I am definitely going to make a sincere attempt at negotiating better with the goal at clinching Win- Win deals. To tell you the truth I already tried it once and the result was just spectacular. I am now planning to read the book “Getting Past No“.

All of us negotiate at different times with different people be it family members, team mates at work, bosses, sellers etc. Who ever be on the other side of the table Negotiation has some basic principles and these are simple commonsense things which we overlook. It was interesting to know that in every negotiation a huge 83% of the time is spent in doing “home work”, 10% of the time is the face to face talk and 7% is spent post the deal is struck.

I recommend each and every one of you who is serious about improving your relationship with the people around you to undergo this training. It is an eye-opener and a wonderful starting point in your journey towards being a Win – Win negotiator.

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In the papers, I saw a news item carried with much importance in the last few days. There is a new condom in the market and apart from doing its regular duties it is also supposed to vibrate – I mean it protects with pleasure. So whats the big deal ? Not for me but a so far unknown minister of the Madhya Pradesh Government took exception to the fact that the condom was being marketed for pleasure(as a sex toy as per his understanding) rather than for preventing AIDS and unwanted pregnancies. Our guy defines the duties of a condom.

a. It should offer protection from AIDS ….

b. It should be used to supplement our population control measures. Full Stop.

If anyone markets the apparatus for something other than (a) and (b) above then it is a gross violation of the traditions of Indian Culture and will be dealt with severely. Our minister was more angry because the whole story is about Crezendo, a condom with a vibrating ring marketed by the Government’s own Hindustan Latex Limited, India’s premier condom producer trying desperately to revive its fortunes in the face of intense competition from private sector players. The minister is from the BJP but in this case he has the full support of the Congress and the Left. Together the trio form the saviors of India’s rich cultural heritage and its holy traditions.

Dear politician and caretaker of the Indian morality please give me a break.

When will our politicians stop making controversies out of such non-issues. Pity. I remember the following line of Charlie Chaplin I remain just one thing, and one thing only, and that is a clown. It places me on a far higher plane than any politician.

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My New Team At Office

Nokia Siemens Networks is going through an important phase – that of formation, strategizing and most importantly effecting change. I too got a new team at office, 10 individuals with whom I will work towards effecting change in our young company. But this is not the subject of my note today. I am going to talk about team formation and what values are important to form a team that starts delivering from Day 1. The most important trait that i found common in all my team members is that they all are distinctly unique individuals each with an own style of reacting, planning, communicating, executing and collaborating. It is this individualism that makes teams effective – for if every one reacted and behaved the same way we would be no better than the talents of one single person.

The next important thing I understood was that everyone just craves for clarity. Sometimes in an organizational set up clarity becomes the most sought after commodity. Economic and market conditions coupled with innovation define the path for technology industry. In these days of formation my team too looks for clarity and I consider this important. It has been my endeavor to bring clarity to their lives.


Next on the list, is motivation. I have seen many people make long lectures on motivation and inspiration. But in reality, I have understood that Motivation means different things to different people. To some, Motivation means being given responsibility, to some others it means being praised and applauded for their contribution, to another few it means monetary rewards and to many others it means a growth path commensurate with their capabilities. The inspiring leader is the one who understands what motivation works for each of his team members and deals with them accordingly.

No one can defy the importance of Communication in a team. Communication must be:
1. Relevant
2. Immediate
3. Clear
4. Precise

With these ideas in mind I wish to make a positive change in the team that we formed so that every individual wins with the team and the company.

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When I was in school i studied the following passage about a father apologizing to his son who is asleep. Today after nearly 15-18 years of having read this passage I just became nostalgic about it. I too have a little son of 3 years to whom i owe this passage again but this time from the deepest valleys of my heart.
Father Forgets
W. Livingston Larned

Listen, son: I am saying this as you lie asleep, one little paw crumpled under your cheek and blond curls stickily wet on your damp forehead. I have stolen into your room alone. Just a few minutes ago, as I sat reading my paper in the library, a stifling wave of remorse swept over me. Guiltily I came to your bedside.


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I am WiFi enabled

After a long break I am back to blog town. Don’t ask me where I have been all these days, I just existed somewhere here or there, really doing nothing. I feel guilty that I left my blog home vacant for so long.

Today I made my home a wifi zone with my new Cisco Linksys WiFi Router (WRT54G) . Wow I just love it. I came to know from friends and colleagues that it is a very complicated job to configure a WiFi router but thanks to numerous documentation guides and blog sites I found out the easiest way to make this whole thing work. I list down the steps here for those of you who would like to do the same at home(for those of you who already have an ADSL Modem)

Networking Hardware :

1. Dareglobal DB108 ADSL Modem ( I purchased this from BSNL , when I took my first BB connection)
2. Cisco Linksys Wireless BB Router WRT54G.(Cost INR 2,700/-)
3. Fujitsu Laptop FS7110.
4. My Home PC(Intel Pentium 3Ghz (HT) Hyper threaded )


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