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The world cup has been more of a nightmare that the Men in Blue would like to forget as soon as possible. It has been nearly a year since I gave up following the game closely. The reasons were simple : Except for cricket there was everything else in the game – mud-slinging, politics, infighting, group ism, betting, hate campaigns and everything that an average fan of the game would not like to see. Today I feel proud of the decision that i took one year ago. I did not stress myself this season with all the calculations, permutations, combinations and probabilities that would have to be worked out to see the blue brigade through to the Super 8. In a country where cricket is a religion and our cricketers are near Gods, the world cup is the ultimate in cricketing glory. Before the real line up could be drawn India is virtually out. For the last 12-16 hours several News Channels are running Flash News tickers saying “India virtually out of the World Cup”, on the contrary I was thinking “Was India ever there in the world cup ?”. This is the question many big-heads will now postmortem(in Mumbai).


At the end of this near-ouster I feel justice has been done to the team that promised the heaven and couldn’t deliver even the earth. There are more questions than answers that remain :
1.What will now happen to the future of Indian cricket ?
2.Will Greg Chappell get an indefinite vacation to Australia ?
3.Will Dravid continue as captain of the fallen 11 ?
4.Will Ganguly’s persistence and good form see him back at the helm of affairs ?
5.Will a billion fans find another game that could bind them in harmony instead of cricket ? (I am afraid they don’t have much of a choice here either)

Let Mr.Pawar and his think tank find out the answers to these and other questions. In the end dear friends, cricket is after all only a game. Let us behave like good old fans and now look forward to the world cup of 2011.

Note: Any of you having strong feelings about this debacle :== please post comments.

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