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My top 5 Actresses

A couple of days ago was International Women’s Day, celebrated with much fanfare. Don’t ask me what I feel about this day, this blog entry is not about my feelings on Women’s Day. Celebrating this day was Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s wife on prime time TV describing the top 5 Bollywood actresses she thought demonstrated amazing girl power. On seeing that i just had a passing thought: who are the top 5 actresses I admire in Bollywood. I didn’t have to think much and here is my list of women with raw acting prowess from number 1 to number 5.

1. Smita Patil (Mirch Masala)
2. Nargis Dutt (Mother India)
3. Madhuri Dixit (Hum Aapke Hain Kaun)
4. Rani Mukherjee (Black)
5. Vidya Balan (Parineeta)

Note: While the others in the list above have already proven themselves time and again, Vidya Balan finds place in my list because of my strong belief that she will make a solid mark in Bollywood in the days to come.

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Seven years ago when I reached Bangalore to start my career with Siemens, little did I imagine that I would make this place my home. At first it was amusing to see a new people with new cultures, new emotional attachments, new conflicts and new ways to celebrate. Slowly my feelings too dissolved in the serenity and peace of this wonderful city. But over the years things have changed , more for the worst. Traffic has become uncontrollable while road sense has disappeared into thin air, Pollution is unbearable and at peak hours it nearly chokes, Fossils of road remind me of the good old days when I used to zoom on my bike with the wind kissing my forehead(now I crawl in my car and the ride is as bumpy as a camel ride in the desert), Real Estate prices have increased at the speed of thought and now Hosur (in adjoining Tamil Nadu) beckons property buyers.bangalore_traffic.jpg

This city which takes every one in its stride and gives everyone an opportunity to grow and to dream. Patiently it suffers under the weight of huge apartments and tall sky scrapers. It must be crying out for help but who cares. Let us hope that the tax rich Government of this state does a wee bit more to give the city the care and commitment it so much deserves.

Note: picture acknowledgment Deccan Herald.

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