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An interesting confession that I wanted to make ever since I have passed out of school. Guyz… I never was interested in going to school. Being an Average Joe at school was never really fantastic either to me , or to my teachers and least to my parents. Naturally you would think what is the reason behind not liking school. The school was very good, the teachers were good also, the other students in my class were excellent, the problem it turned out was only with me. In the age where Science and Mathematics dominated the academic interests of parents, teachers and students I was a poet.(By poet I mean that I liked only the softer touchy subjects like English Literature, History etc.) . I clearly remember the days when I used to struggle to understand what really simultaneous equations and probability meant. What good was Pythagoras’ theorem and why do i have to study irrational numbers and surds. I used to look awestruck at my friends when they confronted me with nearly 100% marks in maths and science. They claimed that Maths and Science were the easiest, while I could vouch that maths and science (particularly physics and chemistry were yuk subjects).


My poor performance at these subjects killed my enthusiasm and the after effects of poor performance(testifying at home, being scorned at by teachers) destroyed whatever interest was remaining. Once when I got just pass marks in Maths the principal made a special contribution to my report card by writing, “Suresh, have you become allergic to Maths?”. I had no answer to that question but I said in my mind, “When did I like Maths ?” My love for Literature and History also became a point of concern for my father who wanted me to excel in the subjects I hated and not in these. Somehow the days passed, I was average in Maths, Chemistry & Physics and very good at Literature, History and Biology. I used to pray everyday to God, to end my ordeal at school , that I get out of school as soon as possible and get going in some other direction.

God was kind to me. In 1993 I passed out of school with above average credentials. I left for my hometown with a bunch of raw dreams and new aspirations. But Maths and Science did not spare me. I can pat myself on the back today for scoring 100% in Maths and 97% in Science in college and there after equally well in my undergraduate class.

So to all of you parents out there, if you have kids that hate maths and science please be kind to them, they need your kindness.

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