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The Dramatic Life

Alfred Hitchcock was reflecting the mood of his times when he said, ” Drama is life with the dull bits cut out”. The times that we live in are such that one is forced to say,” life is drama with the dull bits all cut out”.Indeed life is more interesting than planned and directed drama. All the world’s a stage for the drama of life:

a. Drama in America over who is the father of Anna Nicole’s baby.

b. Drama in Dallal Street over a non-event as the Union budget for FY 2007-2008.

c. Drama in Japan over whale-hunts

d. Drama in Jerusalem over the supposed discovery of Christ’s remains(also dramatic is the supposed discovery of Mary Magdalene’s coffin)

e. Drama in the streets of Karnataka over who will take how much of Cauvery

f. Drama in parliament over the delay in Quattrocchi’s arrest not being flashed as breaking news.

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