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Where the future belongs…

Eddie Izzard once said, “I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from”. I have to tell Eddie , ” Congratulations!, I grow up in India, where the future belongs”. No it is not out of over-confidence , as you would note in my previous blogs I am confident that we are living in a resurgent India that is a breaking from its shell of the “Hindu growth rate” and associated self-imposed imprisonment. We as a people have been exploited through and throughout history by¬†our invaders. Now is our time to grow beyond these inflictions and move ahead in the forward direction with a positive frame of mind. Beyond the economic progress we are making and the giant strides in technology that have catapulted us into a strong leadership position in the digital world, we have lots to accomplish at home itself. We cannot boast of a 10% growth rate and still have half our children suffering from malnutrition.We cannot pat ourselves on the back for being #6 in the world in terms of GDP(Purchasing Power Parity) when we are #126 in terms of the HDI(Human Development Index), but all this means that we can only become better than what we already have achieved.

In general it is important :
1. To push our poverty line in the opposite direction so that every Indian gets 3 wholesome meals a day.
2. Create more job opportunities for the youth of today.
3. Improve heavily our health services sector.
4. Make education available to every Indian.
5. Strive with a strong heart for more economic reforms.

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I was just reading an article from HBR( Harvard Business Review ) that immediately struck a few chords of agreement within me. The article* is titled “In Praise of the Incomplete Leader”. The writing is centered around the fact that there is no one such as a complete leader. According to the author there are four capabilities of leadership.the first two are the enabling capabilities of leadership and the remaining two are the creative and action oriented leadership capabilities.
1. Sensemaking (Making sense of the world around you in simple terms, understanding people and processes)
2. Relating (Connecting with people and networking)
3. Visioning (putting forth a compelling vision that will inspire everyone)and
4. Inventing (ways of overcoming a previously insurmountable obstacle, or doing things differently)
The author argues that no leader is perfect in all the four capabilities , everyone has his / her strong areas and the strength in the other areas come from other people in the organization, leadership is effective when it is distributed across the board.
*access to the article is subscription based.

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