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In no special order…

1. New Zealand

2. Seychelles

3. Scotland

4. The Kashmir Valley

5. The Pyramids of Giza

6. The Amazon Basin

7.The Windmills of Netherlands

8. The Niagara Falls

9. The Beaches of Hawaii

10. The Eiffel Towers and other parts of France

So when do I go here. Someone who will be most interested to read this will be none other than my wife. But I have to tell her…please hold on. That’s my dream and I need time to convert expensive dreams like these to reality. Having said that I think its never good to give up hope – “ Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow them. ” – Louisa May Alcott

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Water Stops City…

The Cauvery verdict which disappointed Karnataka has resulted in today’s Bandh. Personally I feel that the verdict was more than fair. In any case one of the parties will always be aggrieved(that’s why we have conflicts 🙂 ). I don’t intend to write more on the technicalities of the verdict but more on what matters directly to me. I have to suffer the inconvenience that thew bandh will cause. Usually bandhs re not effective in Bangalore except when there are regional sentiments involved. Regional chauvinism sometimes takes militant proportions in this city and it really looks bad.I just hate the idea of banning TV channels to celebrate the bandh. Why should I as a citizen be forced to sit at home and not even have the liberty to watch television for which I pay every month. Ridiculous but true. Ever since the verdict has been out all Tamil channels are off the air. Last time when there was a bandh with a similar tone (the passing away of Kannada matinee idol Rajkumar) all TV channels were blacked out except for the Kannada one’s. I do respect the thespian and all my sympathies for his fans and family but why on earth should I sit at home even without TV. This will be one top reason why I will shift to DTH in the near future.

More than this inconvenience I will have to work on a Saturday to compensate for the holiday today. That is something which troubles me a lot. But today is the day of suffering and I have to suffer because I am here.

PS: Bangalore is the silicon city of India. Silicon city thrives on Software export, the fundamental basis of which is programming Logic. Logic is one thing that some people here don’t even possess in traces.

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Its Vodafone


Woke up this morning to the news that Vodafone (as I indicated in my last entry) has really trumped all others in the bid to acquire Hutch India (India’s fourth largest cellular operator, and 3rd largest GSM operator) valuing the company at $19 billion. Congratulations Mr. Sarin and Co. Some of you might think why is this acquisition so important for the UK telecom giant. The reasons are very simple but important.

1. India is the fastest growing mobile market (we are faster that China).

2.With a low tele-density of 15% India possesses huge potential for long term growth in the telecom domain.

3. With a pending 3G roll out in India, this is a unique opportunity for Vodafone to utilize its investment in the 3G space.

4. Vodafone does not want to be left out in the race to savour a pie of the benefits that could flow from being part of the growth story of “The Rising India“. Everyone wants to be in this part of the world and everyone wants it now. India will soon become Vodafone’s third largest market after Germany and the US.

As a result of this deal Vodafone will now exit its Bharti Airtel venture. That’s in line with Vodafone has been doing all the while. One area I feel where Vodafone is still weak is the Fixed line Broadband market. Vodafone’s excessive exposure to mobile markets is a risk.

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