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Spanish Kick Off…

We began with the Spanish alphabets today. I learnt that there are 29 alphabets in Spanish and that the sounds of most of the alphabets are no what they are like in English. Our teacher is very sensitive about the pronunciation and the phonetics of the Spanish letters. You either pronounce it correct or you don’t, there is nothing in between. From the first feeling I will not have an easy time in the initial phases at-least. I have to work hard even if I have to read small words, but that is the small challenge that will make the entire experience thrilling.

My dictionary – My companion during the course and afterwards


PS: Most of the crowd coming to the class is Hep (to say the least).

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So, my birthday went on good this year. Was it a coincidence that my promotion was announced on my birthday ? May be or may not be. May be it part of the larger scheme of things that He has in store for me. I have to say, “Thank you God for everything”.(more about my promotion in a later blog entry). Coming back to my birthday , I enjoyed the close warmth of my family and the delicious ‘payasam’(pudding) made specially for me by my wife.


I wanted to share today a long time frustration of mine. Yes, as the title says the farce of the Do Not Call Registry. The uncontrolled proliferation of my personal cell phone number has caused many an irritation to me…irritation sometimes going on to harassment. So when the Central Bank of this country came up the idea of the the DNC I was ecstatic to no small extent. In the span of 1 hour I registered my cell phone number with the leading providers of telemarketing pleasure. Top in my list were ICICI Bank, Citibank, HDFC Bank, HSBC and giants of the like. Each one allowed me to quickly enter my personal not be called numbers and yours truly took the opportunity with great enthusiasm . In the end the banks thanked me and told me to wait for 15 days, some 30 days and so on. I was ready to wait even though i did not understand why it takes 30 days to update electronic records. You would imagine from my excitement how much i would have been harassed that I was eagerly waiting for something like the DNC to debut, but my happiness would not last too long. 15days passed and 30 days passed and so did a few months. there was a sudden increase in the calls made to my cell phone. There were calls asking for personal loans, credit cards, club memberships, life insurance, non-life insurance, vehicle insurance. There were days when I used to switch off my mobile for 6-8 hours to escape these calls. Unsolicited calls when I was in meetings, while driving, during afternoon siestas on weekends – all of these have driven me nuts. The cellular phone had become a synonym of invasion of privacy.

But I have not given up hope, I kept a record of these numbers and complained again to the banks one by one. Citibank responded and now wants 30 more days to take action. So I wait once again hoping against hope that this time at least Citibank will not disappoint me. I have also complained against ICICI bank but even after 1 week they have not acknowledged my complaint. I was unpleasantly surprised and angry when i saw a full colour ad in the TOI Bangalore edition from ICICI bank boasting of their pledge to honour the DNC and how much they cared for their esteemed customers. How I hate the tactics of deceit and dishonesty employed by these big corporates.

But in-spite of the odds i have promised myself that I will keep on fighting till I rid myself of this harassment.

I strongly feel that giving the DNC control to these unscrupulous banks was a mistake and that it is high time we have stiff legislation in place in this country to put and end to customer hounding by tele-marketers.

My cell is ringing…thank God that’s a good old friend, off i am to chat with him.see you readers later.

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